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The Way to Wafer Joy

Wafer maker

The Way to Wafer Joy

Wafer maker

The Way to Wafer Joy

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Wafers are an integral part and a sweet reminder of every spa town. And it was precisely here in Piešťany, a town famous for being the largest spa town in Slovakia with a 200-year tradition, that our story began to unfold.

Tasty homemade wafers you can now bake by yourself

The Wafee wafer-maker is a hand-held electric appliance for making (baking) homemade wafers with the ability to bake two small round wafers (usually salty) or one classic oval-shaped wafer (typical for Christmas), with the additional possibility of rolling them into tubes.

A modern product with a retro design

Our wafer-maker is easy and comfortable to use. Even complete beginners without any experience can operate it.

Home Wafer-Maker

A little history…

Up until the 18th century, priests and clergymen baked and distributed Christmas wafers. Later, this task fell to teachers. It was necessary to bake two to three wafers for each inhabitant, so the baking began on the name-day Lucia (December 13th). Students distributed them to their families on the last week before Christmas adding wishes, which they used to herald the arrival of Christmas. Today it heralds a return to tradition, and the smell of Christmas wafers is definitely one of them.


Do you like our wafer-maker?
Check out a few other demo videos. In them you will find instructions on how to bake the best wafers and rolled wafers.

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